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Industry Sector Partnership Grant

The Ohio Industry Sector Partnership Grant helps fund collaboration between businesses, education and training providers, and other community leaders who are invested in improving their region’s workforce. These collaborations create a more skilled workforce and benefit both Ohioans and Ohio's job creators.

Industry Sector Partnership Grant

The State of Ohio is investing in a strong workforce to fill in-demand jobs and continues to diversify and grow a high quality, dynamic workforce. The state offers funding and support to local communities interested in starting or accelerating an industry sector partnership. Industry sector partnerships design and implement workforce strategies for specific sectors and individual regions.

The Ohio Industry Sector Partnership Grant is for both existing and emerging partnerships. To be eligible to apply for funding, an industry sector partnership must:

  • Include multiple private-sector employers focused on common workforce-related goals;
  • Be led by the business community;
  • Have a regional and/or industry-specific focus by:
    • Focusing on a single industry sector, or a set of industry sectors with shared workforce challenges; and/or
    • Concentrating within a single region or laborshed.