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High School Tech Internship Pilot Program

The High School Tech Internship pilot program is an opportunity for Ohio employers to hire high school interns and receive reimbursement for a portion of their wages. The goal of this pilot program is to connect Ohio’s high school students with technology roles and technology businesses in Ohio at an earlier age. 

Businesses interested in hosting an intern should contact one of the pilot sites listed below. Pilot sites will provide businesses with information on how to post their internship opportunity. A total of 100 interns will be placed through the pilot.  

Interns should be placed in technology roles that focus on software, data, cloud and IT infrastructure, and cybersecurity. Students will be expected to perform job duties similar to what would be expected in an entry-level position. 

Wage Reimbursement

To qualify for wage reimbursement, employers must submit documentation proving that the individual was employed for a minimum of 150 hours and was paid at least $12 per hour. Employers will receive a higher wage reimbursement for younger students to help more students experience technology careers at an earlier age. Employers will be eligible to receive wage reimbursement for a maximum of four individuals per calendar year. 

Age at Start Date of Employment Wage Reimbursement
17 or younger $1,250
18 or 19 $1,000

Employers may receive an extra $100 in reimbursement if they can demonstrate that the intern has earned an industry-recognized credential recognized on the Innovative Workforce Incentive Program (IWIP) List by the time of the reimbursement request. 

If you do not see a school in your area and/or are unable to participate in the pilot program at this time, please fill out this form to be notified of a future potential expansion of the program.  


With questions, please contact the High School Tech Internship team via email at high_school_tech_internship@development.ohio.gov.