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Andrea Kramer
June 03, 2019 | About

Andrea Kramer

Andrea is a highly engaging executive demonstrating the spirit of winning through innovation, adaptation and lack of sleep. In all seriousness she is a marketing geek, the mother of ADHD and can high kick with the best of them.

Andrea received degrees in Marketing and Management from Ohio Northern University and because she had nothing better to do she went right on to getting her MBA from THE University of Findlay. After finishing school and with nowhere to go, Andrea started working for her family businesses, City Dry Cleaning and City Uniforms & Linen… just to get out of the house (more on that later). A few short years in, she found her inner geek and drive to kick butt and started a spin-off of her family business, City Apparel.

Life was good, and the business grew. So did her family. With 3 kids deep and 3 golden retrievers in, and after extensive market research, Andrea founded Go Grow Strategies. Well maybe not extensive, but in any case, it worked. If it relates to marketing, branding, eCommerce, identity programs, uniforms or logo’d merchandise, she’s got her hands in it through one of her businesses.

Andrea is passionate about elevating those around her. This translates in her businesses, personal relationships and involvement in the community. Andrea serves on various boards but her current faves are the Braden Kramer Foundation, which financially supports families battling pediatric Cancer, the Governor's Executive Workforce Board and Century Health.

Andrea and her businesses have won some pretty cool awards along the way. Most recently the Pyramid Award in Marketing and Branding, the Spark Award for Best Newcomer Agency, and the PPB’s Greatest Companies to Work For. 

Andrea currently serves as the PR Chair for the Findlay Rotary Club, as an Executive Board Member of Century Health, and as a Board Member of the Braden Kramer Foundation and the Black Swamp Classic. 

Andrea currently, well most of her life, has lived in Findlay, Ohio with her children and gaggle of golden retrievers.