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A web tool recently unveiled by Ohio government is meant to give employers weighing their next move the information they need about available workers. Called the Workforce Supply Tool, the site gives employers — or any web users — information on the strength of certain key occupations in different parts of the state.
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State officials on Thursday launched a new online workforce supply data tool they hope will help employers better connect with skilled applicants across Ohio.
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Students drawn to skilled trades

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While many college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs in their fields and paying off college loans, these Columbus City Schools juniors and seniors are working on real construction jobs, and some are getting paid about $500 a week for it, as part of a pilot program that is in its second year.
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Business leaders could one day serve on local school boards in a nonvoting capacity. More internships and apprentice programs would help students learn about — and prepare for — careers. Teachers would have opportunities to spend time in the workplace to learn more about what their students need to know to be successful in the workplace. The ideas were among proposals released Tuesday by Gov. John Kasich’s Executive Workforce Board. The recommendations are meant to address, among other things...
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Gov. John Kasich told members of the Executive Workforce Board Tuesday that he intends to incorporate some of their recommendations into his biennial budget proposal. Speaking at the group's quarterly meeting at the State Library of Ohio, Mr. Kasich told the group its work - the final product of which contains a number of recommendations to get Ohioans ready to compete economically in the 21st Century - serves as something that few other states have accomplished.
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Gov. John Kasich Tuesday gave his endorsement of a number of recommendations from his Executive Workforce Board, saying he will work to implement many of those recommendations through rulemaking or through the biennial budget next year.
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Area business leaders and educators learned more about Ohio's registered apprentice program during an “Apprenticeship Open House,” at the Kehoe Center.
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Gov. John Kasich has issued an order instructing his Executive Workforce Board to find ways to remove barriers to training and employment opportunities for Ohioans who need them. The panel will work with schools, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, labor groups and other workforce experts to make recommendations within 90 days.
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Republican Gov. John Kasich asked a state panel to work with education officials to develop ideas to ensure Ohio’s primary and secondary school and colleges and universities are preparing students for future careers in the state.
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Chancellor John Carey and State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria accompany Director Ryan Burgess to Lorain County Community College to discuss education, workforce, and the economy.
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