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Amazon fulfillment centers could have big impact in central Ohio

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ETNA, OH (WCMH) — Amazon is now hiring to fill thousands of jobs at its new Etna Fulfillment Center. NBC4 learned Wednesday, it’s hiring hundreds of more people than expected.

Amazon originally only planned to hire 1,500 workers in Etna. Now, the company says it’s looking to hire 2,000, possibly more. They’re jobs Etna city leaders said will have a big impact on Etna and the surrounding area.

Longtime Newark Resident Karen Jalamov spent Wednesday morning applying for jobs. The one she really wants is with Amazon.

She used to teach. But, after being laid off three years ago, she’s struggled to find another stable job. She said Amazon is exactly what Licking County needs.

“I think there’s a lot of opportunity for growth. Not just for me, but for other people in this county. People have been without work and this brings a lot of jobs to our area and we need that,” she said.

The fulfillment center is being built in neighboring Etna with a population of just 17,000. That’s enough new jobs to put one out of every eight residents in the small town to work.

“This has been a shot in the arm for Etna, it put us on the national stage,” said Etna Trustee John Carlisle. “We are becoming the E-Commerce site for the state of Ohio.”

Carlisle said everyone in the area will benefit.

“This is district and regional wide. This isn’t just Etna Township, this is effecting the entire county. Not only the southwest Licking County, but also the eastern part of Franklin.”

Carlisle said the jobs are good. They come with benefits like 401(k)’s, paid maternity leave, even tuition assistance.

Jamalov said she’ll keep waiting by the phone.

“You know any employers who back the betterment of their employees that’s a good start,” she said.

To apply go to:

Amazon will be at the ‘Ohio Means Jobs’ Facility in Newark every Tuesday and Wednesday in August through the first week of September interviewing interested applicants. To learn more visit or call 740-670-8999.




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