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Ohio Businesses: Help us prepare students to graduate with credentials and certifications relevant to your industry!

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In Ohio, students have the option to graduate high school by earning industry-recognized credentials, certifications, or licenses that are valuable to businesses in lieu of passing state tests. These students must also pass a work-readiness test to be eligible for a high school diploma. The list of credentials students can earn is built and maintained by the Ohio Department of Education and is updated annually.

What this means to Ohio businesses: 

Thousands of students in Ohio graduate with credentials each year, and business leaders can help prepare students for careers in their industry by applying to add a relevant credential to the list.

Applications are due on December 31, 2018. To be accepted, an application must demonstrate that the credential is tied to one of Ohio's In-Demand Jobs and has statewide/regional demand for employers within the industry. For more information, visit For questions about the application, please email

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