Identifying Business Needs Through Ohio's In-Demand Jobs Reports

Too often, jobs go unfilled because Ohio businesses are not able to recruit qualified workers. In short, demand must drive supply, and Ohio’s workforce and education systems need information to help align their programs and services to fulfill these needs.

To meet this challenge, the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation has identified and analyzed the most urgent workforce needs of businesses, deployed a statewide jobs forecasting tool, and compiled the results into several easy-to-read summaries. These reports represent a dynamic database of information on the urgent workforce needs of Ohio employers, and can be used by students, educators and individuals to better inform career decisions.

Ohio’s In-Demand Jobs Reports can be found by clicking on the orange “Thumbs Up” icon In-Demand Careers at

For more information regarding the development of Ohio's In-Demand Jobs Reports, please download An Introduction to Ohio's In-Demand Jobs Reports.

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