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Gov. John Kasich told members of the Executive Workforce Board Tuesday that he intends to incorporate some of their recommendations into his biennial budget proposal. Speaking at the group's quarterly meeting at the State Library of Ohio, Mr. Kasich told the group its work - the final product of which contains a number of recommendations to get Ohioans ready to compete economically in the 21st Century - serves as something that few other states have accomplished.
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Gov. John Kasich Tuesday gave his endorsement of a number of recommendations from his Executive Workforce Board, saying he will work to implement many of those recommendations through rulemaking or through the biennial budget next year.
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Area business leaders and educators learned more about Ohio's registered apprentice program during an “Apprenticeship Open House,” at the Kehoe Center.
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Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities has launched a new website to streamline the process of finding vocational rehabilitation resources.
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Gov. John Kasich has issued an order instructing his Executive Workforce Board to find ways to remove barriers to training and employment opportunities for Ohioans who need them. The panel will work with schools, colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations, labor groups and other workforce experts to make recommendations within 90 days.
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Republican Gov. John Kasich asked a state panel to work with education officials to develop ideas to ensure Ohio’s primary and secondary school and colleges and universities are preparing students for future careers in the state.
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Workforce Training Money Available

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Online Applications Will be Available Beginning September 26, 2016
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Chancellor John Carey and State Superintendent Paolo DeMaria accompany Director Ryan Burgess to Lorain County Community College to discuss education, workforce, and the economy.
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Members of the Ohio Small Business Council Wednesday told the governor’s workforce transformation director that they are still having trouble finding employees that can pass a drug test. Just behind that issue is workers that don’t have “soft skills,” which they said included items such as showing up to work on time.
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Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed legislation on June 28 that funds Smart Ohio, a program that will bring economic and financial education to hundreds of elementary classrooms.
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