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About the Governor's Office of Workforce Transformation

In February 2012, Governor John R. Kasich issued Executive Order 2012-02K, creating the Governor’s Office of Workforce Transformation (OWT) to be led by a director reporting directly to the Governor. Acknowledging the importance of continually improving Ohio's workforce development system, in June 2015, the Governor formally continued the OWT with the issuance of Executive Order 2015-08K.

The Governor also established the Governor’s Executive Workforce Board, comprised of business leaders and workforce development stakeholders, to guide the OWT's work and ensure that business needs are at the forefront of improvements made to the workforce system.

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OWT Strategic Framework
The Office of Workforce Transformation’s mission is to grow Ohio’s economy by developing a skilled and productive workforce, promoting effective training programs, and connecting Ohio employers with qualified workers. The office has prioritized its work with three strategic goals and a fourth priority to ensure we are measuring our progress:

Identify Businesses Most Urgent Job Needs

Ohio workers, businesses and training institutions need access to reliable data that summarizes businesses’ current and future workforce job and skills needs.

Connect Business & Individuals

Ohio businesses need to find qualified people to fill in-demand job openings. At the same time, individuals of all ages need to be aware of the many viable career options currently available in Ohio.

Align Training to Business Needs

Ohio’s education and workforce training system need to connect students and jobs seekers to information and training for employer’s in-demand jobs. 

Evaluate Results

State and local policy makers and stakeholders need to have the ability to access simple common metrics across multiple programs to better compare the effectiveness of the various workforce programs.

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News and Updates

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